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Image: In the end we all succumb to the pull of the molten core, Glenn Brown 2016

The Laing Art Gallery was the first recipient of the Contemporary Art Society’s Great Works scheme, which aims to address the absence of works by British artists who have established international repute in regional museums and galleries across the UK. As part of the award, the gallery were gifted a specially-commissioned new piece from Hexham-born Glenn Brown entitled In the end we all succumb to the pull of the molten core, which shows the turning heads of two men, one young and one old, which was made with Newcastle in mind.

Now, a new exhibition of Brown’s work is set to continue to reaffirm the relationship between the artist and the gallery, displayed from Saturday 16th June and Sunday 21st October. Featuring new works displayed alongside Brown’s own rehang of the Laing’s collection, it’s set to demonstrate how his paintings have continually referred to artistic historical references. Spanning touchstones from the Renaissance to Impressionism and Surrealism, Dali to John Martin, his works appropriate images and alter their shape, form, colour and dimension. As his new collection sits close to works displaying the range of styles they draw from, the way in which Brown adapts these forms to create something fresh, unique and visually intriguing will undoubtedly come to the forefront.

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