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Australian-born writer Germaine Greer presents her one-woman show, The Disappearing Woman, at Playhouse Whitley Bay on Thursday 18th August.

It’s been more than 40 years since Greer’s iconic work The Female Eunuch, and yet this major voice of the feminist movement maintains that the battle is far from over. Open the newspaper today, and you’ll discover that the news is still made by men. Women are under-represented in public life, business and commerce. Greer takes the stance that as soon as a woman assumes adulthood, she starts to disappear; as she gradually over time takes on the roles of wife, mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, she becomes less and less visible.

Greer backs all this up with relevant statistics and research, addressing the disappearing woman and suggesting some strategies for change, delivering her thought-provoking challenge in impeccable clarity and an engaging good humour.

The enlightening close encounter with this uniquely gifted woman will end with an opportunity to ask questions – but be prepared for an honest, challenging response!

Germaine Greer is at Playhouse Whitley Bay on Thursday 18th August.

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