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North East development agency Generator unveil their very first online course for musicians, which will take place from Monday 1st-Friday 5th June.

Musicians need to stand out from the crowd now more than ever, so Generator’s pithily titled Creating Content Course will provide the tools and tricks of the trade to enable musicians to engage their fanbase and develop their brand. Artists will learn the basics of digital design by undertaking a series of challenges, from designing posters and logos to creating gifs and building websites, with the aim of encouraging musicians to think more broadly about their output and how to build and retain their fanbase.

Generator’s artist development manager Charlie Dancer explains why creative content is so important. “We now live in a world of visual content, where music and visual aesthetics are intrinsically linked. Over the last 30 years artists have used visual content to create a world for music fans to further fall in love, and from a cold industry perspective, build brand loyalty.”

Open to all, the course will be of particular interest to newer artists who are looking to make their mark, as Charlie explains. “You’ve written some great songs but you have no social media presence, assets or anything else. You need launch into the world with some exciting and engaging content – by the end of the week you will have created a website, a logo, a colour pallete, a press release, a music video and social media assets.”

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