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Over the past four years, Hartlepool four-piece Future Horizons have mastered the dark art of progressive post-hardcore with unsettling ease. They’ve managed to hone a highly original sound that switches from irregular math rock patterns to melodic ambience, to ultra-heavy atmospheres in the blink of an eye and it’s something to behold.

Following on from their last single Yoshimitsu, the band’s latest track Brittle Versita released through London’s Glasshouse Records on Tuesday 28th February is a towering monolith of a comeback. Smacking into existence with crunch-fuelled, wriggling guitars, packed with pace and dextral urgency, the track most definitely bleeds the same blood as American influences like At The Drive-In and Fall Of Troy. Vocalist/bassist Will Rayment’s reverb-drenched utterances provide a diverse emotional depth that swings between melodic chants and haunting shrieks of discontent. Various effects appear throughout the track to give it an unearthly edge, whilst guitarist’s Josh Ingledew and Milo Watson’s frantic sweeps of the neck always keep the ears guessing. Jake Hopkin’s drums pummel and clatter their way towards a huge climactic breakdown that eventually bubbles away into a sea of distortion. Brittle Versita is behemoth crammed with ideas, bags of instrumental talent and at just over two minutes, it feels like an infinitely enjoyable lifetime. If there’s one thing you listen to today, make it this.

Future Horizons release new single Brittle Versita through Glasshouse Records on Tuesday 28th February.

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