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L-R Joe Fannan, Define, NElo and Adam Sams

Arch 16 in Gateshead is the venue for a new improvisational night that will feature an array of local artists seeking to put their talents to the test.

The brainchild of photographer and music lover Matt Flynn, From The Hip’s first show on Friday 2nd December seeks to liberate musicians from the constraints of structured live performance and give them the scope to experiment and collaborate as they meld together various genres and disciplines. The artists are encouraged to throw off their shackles and go in whatever direction they feel. There’s bound to be moments when things go a little awry, but that’s all part of the fun because when it does click, you could be treated to a unique moment of genius.

What we do know is that there’ll be a hip-hop influences from the likes of Kay Greyson, Absorb, Lion and Nelo; a filthy rhythm section supplied by Velvoir, guitar from Haythem and electronics and beat-boxing from Gloom and Cyber-Byte respectively.

From The Hip seeks to showcase creativity and to take talented musicians out of their comfort zones, so with this in mind, surely it’s worth taking a chance yourself, particularly as entry is free.

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