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Why do people with learning difficulties tend to die twenty years before the rest of us? This shocking statistic is (quite understandably) shied away from by a lot of society. However, new stage play For the Best tackles the matter head-on and will invite members of the audience to join in the crucial debate when it’s performed at the Arts Centre, Washington on Thursday 12th February.

The hard-hitting drama is especially timely in the run-up to the general election, with the NHS proving to be a pivotal battleground for many parties. North East theatre company Operating Theatre picks up the hot topic and runs with it, centring around care-worker Louise, who is grief stricken by the death of one of her patients, Brenda, as a result of the inadequate care she has received. Maybe, she wonders, given the treatment she required, Brenda’s death was for the best?

Local politicians of all sides have been invited to the performance, in the hope that they engage with the debate. Even without, this promises to be a thought-provoking, hard-hitting and emotional drama, bookended with audience participation (panto this ain’t, however… in case you hadn’t guessed). How, it will ask, can this unfortunate trend be allowed to continue, in a country that prides itself on equal health care for all?

For The Best comes to Washington Arts Centre on Thursday 12th February.

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