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Our fashion sense can be a window into our personality, our clothes often an expression of the self; any changes can make aspects of ourselves appear and disappear, but it’s how our exterior appearance can affect how others treat us that interests Matt Miller. Their new show not only explores the visible aspects, but also the invisible.

In Fitting, which comes to the Alphabetti Theatre from Tuesday 25th February-Saturday 7th March, Matt sets out to explore (and explode) gender binaries through their own adventures in both dresses and suits. Throughout, Miller plays with the idea of performance itself, putting on a bit of sleight of hand for the audience but also shining a light on how we put on everyday performances with our attire. Skipping from encounters with strangers at bus stops to dives into charity shops, they explore both fitting in and standing proud, transcending across the gender binary.

Heartfelt and humorous, Fitting will sprinkle a bit of magic into our universal experience of being seen or unseen, both literally and metaphorically.

Fitting is at Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle from Tuesday 25th February-Saturday 7th March

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