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Duality, relationships and connections come into sharp focus at Alphabetti Theatre this month, as filmmaker and performer Adrin Neatrour presents two works that deal with facing stark truths about the self, looking at the artist as a fallen being. Acting as a showcase of Adrin’s 30 year career, Fall From Grace will feature his earliest film and latest performance.

Adrin’s 1984 film, Boxing Booth, begins as an innocuous documentary about the last travelling fairground boxing booth, but as the filmmaker is absorbed into the ring he begins to confront not his opponent, but himself.

Adrin will also perform his interpretation of Dostoevsky’s 1877 short story The Dream of a Ridiculous Man, which centres around the protagonist’s belief that his world contains nothing of value and his subsequent decision to commit suicide. “The man tells his dream to the audience, but it is a schizo dream, in line with Dostoevsky’s split personality.” Adrin explains. “It works because the reader, or the audience in this case, have to confront two different visions of humanity as understood by a dreamer who does not allow or offer for any easy reconciliation between the fallen angels and the redeemed.”

Offering some intense themes and presenting the audience with plenty of food for thought, Adrin’s unique works will entertain and intrigue.

Fall From Grace is at Alphabetti Theatre from Thursday 4th until Saturday 6th June.


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