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Sculptor Eric Bainbridge has came a long way since he first started to garner praise and interest in his work in the 1980s, becoming an artist who has been showcased in exhibitions all over the world. Northern Gallery For Contemporary Art are to present a wonderfully intimate and unique look at Bainbridge’s work between Saturday 30th January and Saturday 2nd April, by bringing together a selection of his sketches from 1981 to the present day.

Potholes is a rare chance to see all that leads up to some truly magnificent and inspired sculptures. The drawings, on everything from lined paper to office stationary, illuminates a lot of what makes Bainbridge’s work so interesting, and sees his sculptural work take shape from provisional ideas. Seen collectively, it’s an insight into an artist truly working things out, utilising little more than himself, pencil and paper to get there.

In characters such as Jimmy The Nail, a motif that Bainbridge has worked with since 1984, we see interesting concepts at play, as raw material crashes against cultural references through formal tautology, for something fascinating and inspired. The character pops up throughout the drawings too, a sort of emblem for Bainbridge’s practice. Taking the form of a metaphorical pothole, the character is much like many of Bainbridge’s works, flowing between abstraction and anecdote, experimental while still having an underlying biographical tone.

It’s a showcase of something an artist rarely lets you glimpse at, but one that could be very revealing and it’s a chance to see just how inspiration comes and flows through a truly talented artist.

Eric Bainbridge’s Potholes takes place at Northern Gallery For Contemporary Art, Sunderland from Saturday 30th January until Saturday 2nd April.

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