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Newcastle trio Enter The Lexicon are releasing their latest single Full Moon on Monday 24th November and it’s a single that demonstrates the softer side to rock music. Taken from their self-titled EP released earlier this year, Full Moon has a rhythm that you will tap along happily to and a chorus that doesn’t take long to learn. Believe me, you will find yourself singing “I could be wrong/Or I could be right/I could go down/Or I could fight” not long after a listen as well as humming the familiar rhythm that comes with it.

The song sounds almost like an anthem without trying to sound like one. It’s more of an ‘indie-rock’ track than the punk the band are known for. It’s powerful, moving, energetic and emotional, showing that the trio can vary from their Nirvana influences and bring a whole other sound to their discography.

Full Moon sounds fun, chilled and balances its dark subject matter well with some slightly cheeky lines: “Same bad taste on a brand new tongue.”

ETL (as the more hardcore fans know them) have great modern rock melodies hidden up their sleeves and Full Moon demonstrates this perfectly.

Full Moon by Enter the Lexicon is released on Monday 24th November via Kill/Hurt Recordings.

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