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A screening of Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey and a night of electronic music arrives at the Star and Shadow cinema on Saturday 26th January, with the Newcastle venue set for an evening of dance, ambient, electropop, hip-hop, improvisers and a whole lot more.

For fans of electronic music, it’s a chance to meet like-minded music lovers, music makers and to share ideas and team up on unique collaborations. With plenty of time and space to make music and utilise laptops, synths, drum machines, loop stations, keyboards and a bundle more electronic joys too. 

There are 20 minute slots available, these can be requested by emailing [email protected] for more details. Our rich electronic scene in the North East, means this should be chock full of talented individuals and passionate creatives.

Electronic Music Open Mic Night is at Star and Shadow, Newcastle on Saturday 26th January.

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