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Image: Electric Eye by Njaal Clementsen

If a show requires me to put ‘Norwegian’ and ‘psychedelic’ in the same sentence, then you know it’s going to be divine. This article can literally write itself on those two words alone.

Electric Eye, who perform at The Cluny, Newcastle on Sunday 25th September, are a welcome addition to the steady outpouring of brilliantly subversive bands coming from the depths of Europe, emerging from pools of reverb towing colossal genre hybrids and hefty pedalboards. Their sophomore album, Different Sun, bears all those glorious hallmarks of psych (Hammond organs, flangers, deep concepts; do remember this album was inspired by a hurricane) yet steers clear of being stale too. The brilliant thing about it is that you can tell it’s the sound of four people making the kind of music they truly adore whilst wisely avoiding the dangers of self-indulgence.

Whilst some cynics can accuse psych of being a genre stooped in dated clichés, Electric Eye prove it is far more than an artefact of a bygone era; there’s still more than enough life in this beast. With the recent resurgence of psych in the North becoming quite a phenomenon, support comes from a couple of true believers of the scene, with Tyneside five-piece Behold A Pale Horse and Newcastle power-trio Cave Suns completing the bill.

Electric Eye, Behold A Pale Horse and Cave Suns play The Cluny, Newcastle on Sunday 25th September.


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