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Image by Joshua Ford

While the rest of Seattle was fuelling the grunge machine, Dylan Carson’s band Earth spent the nineties pioneering a drone metal format that would go on to influence acts like Boris, Khanate and Sunn 0))). On return from a self-imposed hiatus in the new millennium, Carson then pivoted a new, markedly more beautiful sound that toned down the distortion and added influences from country and gospel music whilst retaining the focused slow, expressive playing.

Having already played two stunning sold out shows at The Cluny in recent years, it’s a joy to have the current Earth trio (Carson, long-time drummer Adrienne Davies and bassist Jodie Cox) return to Newcastle once more for an appearance at the more intimate Cluny 2 on Sunday 6th November.

With their most recent album Primitive And Deadly merging the melodicism of their recent work with the metal influences of the past, they remain a live act of rare and potent power – their previous appearance at The Cluny last year balanced loud might with delicate, thoughtful expressionism in a manner unlike anyone else out there.

Whether you’re already a fan or new to the band, the chance to fall under Dylan Carson’s gravity in smaller confines is not to be missed.


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