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Image: SL Walkinshaw by Jade Sweeting 

Sage Gateshead continue their online meanderings with another series of New Beginnings shows this month, livestreamed from the venue. 

Of particular note for alternative music lovers will be a double helping of sonic adventures from songwriter Kris Halpin and composer and musician SL Walkinshaw on Friday 21st May. Halpin, who performs under the moniker Dyskinetic, is a disabled musician who uses Imogen Heap’s ground-breaking MiMu Gloves to create music in the space between electronic and rock, using hand gestures and futuristic technology. Influenced by the likes of Smashing Pumpkins, Bjork and Deftones, his sound is created in collaboration with choreographer Ayaka Takai, and uses the gloves to generate music based on natural movements rather than treating them as an ‘instrument’ to play. Providing a supporting slot will be Ten Sticks musician and composer SL Walkinshaw, whose recently released debut album uses field recordings, analogue ambience and acoustic instruments to create an ambient soundscape.

Dyskinetic and SL Walkinshaw perform livestreamed sets via Sage Gateshead on Friday 21st May


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