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The first Dustbowl was seventeen years ago, and its founders claim that a local legend points that one event to the demise of the original Riverside. Whilst a bold claim such as this may seem like puerile PR hyperbole, one look at the line-up dispels that notion almost immediately. What’s certain is that Dustbowl II, taking place at Old Police House in Gateshead on Saturday 25th November is quite unlike anything else you’ve ever heard of.

Emerging from a prolonged regional exile after a self-declared “near miss in a West Denton care home”, Artwhore are on hand to provide some off-kilter dub; The Cape Cleaning Fluid Company promise to, in their own words “revisit an old abandoned whale processing plant in South Georgia 1972 and cut windows through green smog to deliver fine slabs of discordant gee”; Bleephaus will “deliver a set of steroid pumped animation carnage through cinema sick piles”; while BRB>voicecoil, meanwhile, promises to “try to loosen all the mortar between brick layers and weld the internal circuitry together into one continuous electro magnet.”

The bill is rounded off by Basic House, accompanied by “Moulinex food processers to make sure the lumps are taken out of supper for all the old bastards above.”

We don’t know what to make of it, but we’re sure it contains promise.

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