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It’s been a while since we heard anything from Newcastle’s Dunes. In fact, I’ve not heard from them since I clumsily described them as sounding like Kyuss produced by 2manyDJs in a single review ages ago.

Anyway, they’re back on the map with a new single on 4th May and it’s a belter. Available for free download, Seapig is everything you’d want from a desert/stoner/whatever band in 2018. Led by a thunderous, rolling, insistent bassline before being submerged by waves of controlled feedback, it settles into a smooth groove that washes over you; out with the electronic influences and in with the Queens of the Stone Age vibe from way back. And then, when that filthy middle eight caves your head in? Wow.

As an added bonus, they’ve kept things in the North East family by including a cover of Nadine Shah’s Fool which takes the original’s insistent guitar riff to its logical conclusion by adding an extra layer of scuzz and force-feeding you a massive slab of space cake until you fog out. Fast Food reimagined via the medium of raiding the fridge for munchies after a huge bong sesh, basically.

What we really need from the Dunes lads now are more gigs so we can experience their noisy wonder first hand. I’m sure they won’t keep us waiting too long, so keep ’em peeled.


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