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If it’s controversy you’re after, read on. Doug Stanhope is an American who hates America, England and pretty much everything and everywhere. He even, if his drinking habits are anything to go by, hates himself. So what emerges from this drunken ecstasy-fuelled Yankee anger cocktail? Someone Chortle UK describe as being a top ten international stand-up, that’s what. His unabashed confrontational style isn’t close to the bone, it’s close to the marrow IN the bone. He makes Frankie Boyle seem like Cliff Richard; he’s like a brutally honest version of ourselves if we had our pre-frontal cortex ripped out with a claw hammer, saying everything stored somewhere in the depraved recesses of our mind-dungeons, but are too scared to think, just in case Facebook actually has mastered mind-reading.

If you are easily offended, have ever been offended, think you probably can’t be offended or regularly offend all those around you, you will be offended. It is an offensive show. However, it is a pant-wettingly funny show and it will enrich your life. His ranty stints on Charlie Brooker’s Weekly Wipe were so watered down that a giraffe in a bathtub would have drowned; for the real thing, you need to see him live at Newcastle’s O2 Academy on Sunday 10th June.


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