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Artists often ask us to challenge our perceptions, to change how we see the world and expand our horizons. Sometimes that’s easier said than done though; contemporary art can often lead to intense and extended sessions of head-scratching and navel-gazing that leaves us no better off then when we first set foot in the big white room. Rolf Wojciechowski has been working for years to help us expand our vision and explore through our senses in a similar vein, but unlike many other artists, he’s often managed to achieve his goal.

Now Wojciechowski is presenting his latest exhibition Double Vision, which is bringing poetry into the mix to create multi-layered artistic experience that might just help change your perceptions of the world too. The exhibition uses poems written by Wojciechowski’s friend Bhikkhu Abhinando, a Buddhist Monk of the Theravada tradition, as base themes. In turn, the poems have been inspired by Wojciechowski’s own photographic material, and those writings were then used to manipulate the images once more, making a compete circle of creative ideas that feed into one another. The creative circle and the looping of ideas between Wojciechowski and Abhinando should provide a deep insight into the way that art is produced, with accompanying poetry readings inAugust providing a lovely extra touch to the exhibition.

Double Vision comes to The Holy Biscuit, Newcastle on Wednesday 22nd July. The poetry readings take place on Saturday 8th August.

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