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Was being fourteen ever easy? Sure, you didn’t have to think about getting a job or paying the bills but then there’s all the other things you have to deal with: the onset of puberty, school, friends, figuring out what you might want to do with your life, and all the pressures your peers put on you. For anyone who remembers what it was like to be a bit different at fourteen (instantly a curse for anyone attending the local state comp) then you’ll probably recognise quite a bit in Chicken Pox Fox Productions’ latest stage spectacular.

Donna Disco follows our titular heroine, a clumsy, fat, bland, bespectacled teenager who’s never heard of The Beautiful South but would probably love them if she had. She’s also been given a new school project: to source a stranger’s story and present her findings at the annual Christmas Pageant. So, she decides to take on the story of the colourful cross-dressing butcher living downstairs. But, when her mum goes missing and an innocent crush she’s been holding goes more than a bit wrong, her world is in danger of falling apart.

Written by Lee Mattinson, directed by Laura Lindow and with an amazing Paula Penman in the lead role, Donna Disco promises to be an immersive and engaging voyage into what it’s really like to be an awkward teenager.

Donna Disco is at the Live Theatre, Newcastle from Thursday 26th to Saturday 28th February.

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