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We’re often very familiar with the environment that works of art are placed into when they’re exhibited: nowadays they’re frequently white, with wooden floors and high ceilings, anything to accomodate the art and make the work the centre of attention. But what about the environments in which these works of art are made? Do artists work by themselves or are they more comfortable creating art in collectives?

As part of the NewBridge Project’s 5th birthday celebrations, new exhibition Do We Need To Grow Up takes a look at how artist-led communities and ecosystems are born and the conditions in which they either thrive or survive. With works by Minna Hendrickson, Timothy Ivison, Julia Tcharvas, James Lomax, Agnieszka Polska and Joseph Shaw, the exhibition will be examining the recent eruption of artist clusters and DIY culture, and the cultural policies and practices that determine how artists produce and consume.

It also asks another important question: how long will it be before the rebellious nature of these delicate ecosystems become the norm, and become part of the institution that artists are supposed to be rebelling against? In essence, do we need to grow up?

Do We Need To Grow Up comes to the NewBridge Project, Newcastle from Saturday 11th July until Saturday 1st August.

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