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Metal of all kinds has been burdened with a not entirely deserved reputation for being predominantly white, macho (or at least blokey) and apolitical for most of its lifespan (in fact, whenever politics does come up it seems to be in relation to yet another black metal outfit being exposed as espousing some trve kvlt-wanker pagan fascism).

But things are shifting, and one of the key outfits in that shift are Divide & Dissolve, who use an especially intense form of sludgy, doom-laden metal as a righteous battering ram against all that needs dismantling. That they attack colonialism, racism, misogyny and the rest with music that’s almost entirely instrumental has parallels in Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and they share some of that band’s awesome dynamics too. The Melbourne-based duo come with a fearsome live reputation and an intelligence and insight in their approach that’s genuinely thrilling, so props to the TUSK team for bringing them to Newcastle.

Support is from our very own Penance Stare, another drums/guitar duo who are doing plenty to subvert metal cliches without sacrificing any heaviosity.

Divide & Dissolve and Penance Stare play Star & Shadow Cinema, Newcastle on Tuesday 15th November.


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