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Hopefully you’ve had a chance to have a pop down to NewBridge in recent times to see the 37 Pieces of Flair Exhibition. This week, the exhibition surrounding issues of mental health in culture and society is closing, but it’s going out with something of a bang. Disconnected Paragraphs, the closing event for 37 Pieces of Flair, comes to the space on Friday 16th January.

Following on from the exhibition itself, and drawing on ideas and issues in the 37 Pieces of Flair publication, Joanne Lee will be instigating a back-room conversation about the political dimensions of friendship. Meanwhile, Harry Palmer will set out to explore the contradictory use of the internet for self-diagnosis and the maintenance of sanity. The themes link strongly to the exhibition itself, though there is no need to have seen it in order to interact with the closing talks. Designed as a starting point for discussion and a platform for airing views on mental health, Disconnected Paragraphs will help to ensure that the issues 37 Pieces of Flair raised are kept in the minds of its participants.

Disconnected Paragraphs comes to NewBridge Books on Friday 16th January.

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