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This time of year is sometimes a little bit difficult when it comes to finding great new stage performances. Luckily, though, there are always people working on new projects that we can look forward to in the future. What’s even better than that? When an artist decides to showcase their ideas and spend a week in residency to develop new ideas in front of an audience. That’s exactly what’s happening at Stockton’s ARC on Thursday 15th January, as Leo Burtin comes to develop his latest project The Midnight Soup.

Inspired by his grandmother’s diary, the performance takes place across the course of an intimate performance meal (thus the alternate title Dining With Strangers). Across the course of the performance, Burtin looks to explore the issues surrounding the nature of suicide in older people. While it might all seem a bit grim on the surface, Burtin is shedding light on a topic that is rarely ever talked about in everyday life. Though still a work in progress, the fact that it’s completely free makes this a compelling and possibly insightful draw.

Dining With Strangers takes place at Stockton’s ARC on Thursday 15th January.

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