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Take the The Slits, Joy Division and the eclectic disarray of Lizzy Mercier Descloux, blend it all together and you get something akin to deep tan. 

Yet to release their first album, the East London trio have already making big (dark) waves in the underground music scene. They take on Zerox’s The Shooting Gallery venue on Friday 20th May to mark the release of their second EP. 

deep tan sound different to the rest of the male-dominated punk roster; they’re bolder and more seductive. Vocalist Wafah Dufour’s trance-like lyrics are punctuated by prickly basslines, and there’s a joltiness to the music that keeps you on your toes. They play around with keys and speed, some songs transcend four different tempos, making for an unexpected and unsettling sound

Yes, deep tan’s lyrics are certifiably socially conscious, but this is music you ultimately feel before you think about. Recently released tracks like beginners’ krav maga tackle violence against womxn and rudy ya ya ya critiques the American alt-right, but the lyrics are so oblique that their content verges more on perceptive satirical wallpaper than anything revolutionary.

Above all else, deep tan speak for brooding outsiders. Tracks like hollow scene or deep-fake indulge in alienation, self-deception and paralysis. It’s dark wave pop for a hopelessly dystopian world, yet I find myself dancing to it nevertheless.

deep tan play The Shooting Gallery, Newcastle on Friday 20th May.


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