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If your idea of a good time is listening to unidentifiable noises and bizarre noir-drenched ‘dronesongs’ (and whose isn’t?), book yourself a ticket for Cobalt Studios’ event with Deep Cabaret on Friday 13th March.

Their music is largely centred on bandleader Steve Lewis’ often bizarre amalgamations of instrumental offcuts – hurdy-gurdy, bagpipe, throat singing and the like – and twinned with beautiful and stark lyrics lifted, so says Steve himself, from neuroscience, slavery, fiction, sitcoms and the interesting diversions of the human psyche. The resulting sound takes folk, jazz, improv, African rhythms and left-field pop in all kinds of unexpected directions; Drone Geese begins with monotonous drone and dragged out vocals, slowly erupting into a darkly accentuated mash up of beats and half-sung half-moaned lyrics before returning to whence it came, while the addition of perky bagpipes to Wedding Wish’s throat singing purr is barmy but actually quite lovely. The troubling Samboo, telling of the death and burial of a slave at Sunderland Point near Lancaster in 1822, is utterly compelling in its use of Tuvan overtoning, Gaelic pibroch piping, cello and bass clarinet.

A suitably evocative support comes from Newcastle’s Me Lost Me, whose own mesmerising forays into atmospheric vocal drones, looped rhythms and darkly experimental storytelling is the perfect accompaniment.

Deep Cabaret and Me Lost Me play Cobalt Studios, Newcastle on Friday 13th March


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