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Whoever said the internet is a dodgy place to be? We’ve all got a lot to thank it for, especially those of us who have spent the last year and a half glued to screens, working from home. Now, we have something else to credit it with; without it, we wouldn’t have the debut album from Danica Dares to appreciate.

The indie synth three-piece found each other through the web in a chance encounter that revealed their shared music taste and aspirations, and unlike most hypotheticals discussed in a Zoom meeting over lockdown, they’ve only gone and actually done something. Curating The Lunatic is what has come out of this burgeoning creative collaboration: ten songs with familial resemblance, but each of which deviate uniquely from within their genre’s parameters. Album opener Giving It Away showcases vocalist Harriet McBain’s ethereal qualities to a backing that wouldn’t be out of place on a Jim Henson film soundtrack; the Goth moodiness of Bullets encapsulates Danica Dares’ ability to flit easily between classical song structure and spoken word set to melody that can be found throughout the record; while the magic of Curating The Lunatic is perhaps best expressed by its finale, Conversational Bypass, with its interdimensional electronica permeating your eardrums. It’s unclear which realm Danica Dares occupy, but with this record we are all transported.

Danica Dares release Curating The Lunatic on 30th July


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