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Image: Pelican Theatre’s Blue Mind 

Dance City present their popular Dance Edits night, previewing fresh and exciting work from the North East’s performers and creators, on Saturday 16th October. Each work sets out to immerse us in their themes through various mediums, disrupting our reality and enveloping us in their concepts.

Stress is a product of modern life, one we cannot shake easily. Often, we find ourselves seeking the natural remedies: the singular feeling of being outside, away from emails, Zoom and social media. Pelican Theatre’s Blue Mind offers an antidote to the over-stimulating world we find ourselves in. An immersive hybrid of performance and installation, Blue Mind uses the meditative and healing properties water boasts as its inspiration. Through images, sound, movement and light, water becomes a remedy to the load of our monotonous routines.

Choreographed by Ester Huss, Stairwell – Or Other Things We Climb sees three artists merge their individual imaginations, extending their personal journeys on stepping up with the audience. Self-proclaimed as “abstract, absurd and accessible”, the piece explores self-growth at the human level. Beth Veitch’s Waiting On It investigates the transitional moments we exist in – waiting for a bus, for the storm to clear, or the right time to make a decision.

You Can Take Me Home Toni by Lorraine Smith explores the experience of having a not-so-great role model when growing up, transporting us back to our younger years through a fusion of music video recreations, costume performance and choreography. Using 80s pop artist Toni Basil as its inspiration, the show is set to feature upbeat bangers, warped through the personal stories and experiences of Lorraine Smith.

Dance Edits is at Dance City, Newcastle on Saturday 16th October

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