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For the uninitiated, the world of dance can look like an impenetrable fortress of dexterous choreography and storytelling that’s quite difficult to wrap your head around. Attend the wrong performance and you might end up either completely baffled by what’s happening on stage or be in a state of fascinated entrancement at the figures before you. Perhaps that’s why for novices, Dance Edits sounds like such an appealing first step into the world of choreography and movement-based storytelling.

The new night of work by dance makers in the north east are all short – between five and ten minutes each – so you won’t get too lost with the narrative or be too overwhelmed with the actual dancing itself. There’s also a range of styles on offer from the eight commissioned pieces, so if you weren’t so keen on one performance the next might well tickle your fancy. On the night the works will explore themes such as humanity, honesty and the ways that body language is used as communication, while also taking on more traditional narratives, such as the tale of one man alone on a raft at sea. It won’t all be based on the ground either. Newton’s Ladder will be treating the audience to some aerial dance using a short rope hung as a pendulum, lifting the dancers off the ground in amazing acts of athleticism. If you’ve never been to a dance-based performance before or have always been a bit scared of the idea, then Dance Edits is a perfect place to kickstart your passion.

Dance Edits comes to Dance City, Newcastle on Thursday 24th September.

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