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Amongst a certain breed of music fan, Damo Suzuki is already an icon and a hero – and they will doubtlessly have his appearance at Cluny 2 on Friday 4th August circled in the calendar.

For the rest of you though: Suzuki first rose to prominence as vocalist for Can, appearing on their most beloved and vital works Tago Mago, Ege Bamyasi and Future Days. His ecstatic, free-form approach to rock vocals was the perfect foil for the deep grooves, jazz theory and avant-garde experimentation the band cooked up behind him, leaving a legacy so strong that even Mark E Smith– not a man regularly given to praise – felt compelled to write the tribute track I Am Damo Suzuki.

For the last two decades though, Suzuki has been engaged in one of the most remarkable artistic projects ongoing. Instead of forming a new band, he travels the world engaging in one-off collaborations with hundreds of different musicians in different combinations, forming his ever-shifting, ever-changing global Network. The line-up for this Newcastle date is currently a closely guarded secret, but as those who saw Suzuki at The Star & Shadow Cinema back in 2009 will attest, his fiery charisma and peerless spirit will drive players and audience alike towards a sonic adventure like nothing else.

Damo Suzuki plays Cluny 2, Newcastle on Friday 4th August.

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