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Ever find yourself clicking along to the same 4/4 beat that frequents the background of almost every single song on the radio thinking to yourself, there has to be something other than this? Well, perhaps DakhaBrakha are for you.

Taking to Sage Gateshead’s second stage on Friday 2nd October, the folk quartet invite you to experience what will be an unforgettable evening in their company. As far as folk quartets go, DakhaBrakha are certainly one of the more bizarre, yet there’s a distinct charm and warmth in their peculiarity that has been leaving an impression on audiences worldwide.

Originating from Kyiv’s National University of Culture and Arts, the group is the brainchild of Ukranian avant-garde theatre director, Vladislav Troitsky and combines musical influences from ethnic groups all over the globe to create a completely unique sound of their own.

Songs like Sho Z-Pod Duba combine poppy bass lines that one could happily groove along to, whilst rhythmic African drums beat away in the background stunning vocals harmonize beautifully over the top, before the whole thing builds to a scintillating cacophonous climax. Meanwhile other pieces created using mellower methods such as Karpatskyi Rap give acknowledging glances towards some more relaxing numbers from Moby’s back catalogue, with soothing strings gliding elegantly beneath the group’s distinct Ukranian vocal chorus.

This vast array of sounds is worth witnessing on its own, but the group’s strong theatre heritage ensures that their music is produced alongside stunning visual accompaniments to create a sensational show, the likes of which don’t exist outside of the delightful realm of DakhaBrakha.

Simply put, these four people were born to perform and they have created for themselves a stage all of their own, upon which they adorn their finest lace clothing and lamb-fur hats and strive to squeeze as much excitement and intrigue as possible out of every musical nook and cranny.

So for those looking to find something new from the world of music, let DakhaBrakha capably guide you around their world music smorgasbord with their rare, sui generis performance that promises not to disappoint.

DakhaBrakha play Sage Gateshead on Friday 2nd October.

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