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You can’t imagine that it’d be easy producing an album when the two band’s members are touring with different acts at opposite ends of the earth, but somehow CUZ made it work. The product of a friendship between Mike Watt (Minutemen, The Stooges) and Sam Dook (The Go! Team), CUZ’s album tamatebako (a cube-like origami model, for those not in the know) has taken its time to come about. After meeting at a festival in 2006, Watt and Dook began a “tour diary-style exchange”, writing on the road, sharing home-recorded demos and a few hectic Skype sessions. What resulted from these protracted snippets of grabbed time is an album which manages to pave new ground for both musicians; Watt’s alt. punk colours are plain to see in the songs’ gnarly structure and the occasional gruff vocal, while Dook’s danceable roots keep the music weird and wonderful. Highlights include the boings, bleeps and banging about of album opener Houdini, the jazz lounge-esque spoken-word of Song For Ronnie, the weird-pop of Slipstream and the hushed storytelling style of The Wheel And The Ring.

With their European and UK tour providing the first opportunity to see these songs played live, their appearance at The Cluny on Wednesday 9th September is certain to be an intriguing event.

CUZ play The Cluny, Newcastle on Wednesday 9th September.

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