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The minds of two of the most notorious criminals of recent times are going to be examined at a special event at Newcastle’s Live Theatre next month. Jimmy Savile and Raoul Moat will be the subject of Crime Story: Portrait of a Criminal, taking place on Thursday 10th March, and featuring two award-winning writers.

Newcastle-based journalist Andrew Hankinson recently had his ‘non-fiction novel’ You Could Do Something Amazing with Your Life [You Are Raoul Moat] published, taking readers inside the head of the Geordie bodybuilder turned killer. The book covers the last days of the paranoid gunman, who shot three people before turning fugitive in rural Northumberland.

Uniquely, the Northern Writers Award winner’s book is told from Moat’s point-of-view, piecing together his own words from letters and recordings. (Which means no Paul ‘Gazza’ Gascoigne; his surreal attempt to gate-crash the police standoff with a chicken and fishing rod wasn’t known to ‘Moaty’ at the time.)

Gordon Burn Prize winner Dan Davies is the other speaker at the event. He spent more than a decade writing In Plain Sight: The Life and Lies of Jimmy Savile, which involved interviewing the man himself, as well as scores of his victims. In contrast to Moat, Savile had no need for delusions of grandeur; he revelled in his status as a calculating Pied Paper and used his power to abuse the vulnerable and underage, all the while covering his tracks by moving into the innermost circles of the establishment.

Critics might ask: why give voice to a pair of such deplorable individuals? At Portrait of a Criminal, Hankinson and Davies will not only discuss the subjects of their work, but the place of true crime in literary writing and why the genre continues to be a source of such endless fascination.

The evening will also unveil the full programme for this year’s Crime Story festival, which takes place on Saturday 11th June at Northumbria University and will be headlined by Paula Hawkins (author of The Girl on the Train).

Crime Story: Portrait of a Criminal is at Live Theatre, Newcastle on Thursday 10th March

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