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A lot of people have taken 2021 as a fresh start. It’s not simply been about ambitious New Year resolutions that have slowly eroded away over the first couple months, but there’s instead been a genuine drive by many to just get over the last few hurdles before we’re home free.

With this newfound optimism also comes musicians’ plans to make this year better than the last, and that means good organisation and structure. The epitome of this is Newcastle singer-songwriter Craig Clark’s tentative release schedule which, fingers crossed, will see him through the year on a stable note.

Idaho is the first of four releases, which comes this month to ease us into the new year’s ventures with deep, rich indie folk sounds. Inspiration can come from the most simple of experiences sometimes, and Idaho found its roots in the concept of a mind-clearing drive. For those of us without licenses, a similar feeling might be found in a bracing walk, a meditative session, or some other focussed hobby – whatever helps you clear your head and work through life’s most troublesome problems. After a year of being cooped up and swamped in stress and uncertainty, this compact dose of escapism is a breath of fresh air.

Craig Clark releases Idaho on 5th March

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