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Next year marks the one hundredth anniversary since the Military Service Act was first introduced into Britain. The Act brought in the notorious practice of conscription, in which men above a certain age were drafted into the army. It’s a little-known fact, though, that around 16,000 men during the First World War were conscientious objectors; many of these, including Quakers, had religious motives, though others objected for other, more personal reasons.

Those Who Refused is a one-off discussion by Durham University’s Dr Andre Keil, looking at the motives behind the objections and also the perception and treatment that they received in these years. It’s one of the hidden stories of the First World War, but also one of the most interesting. Concepts surrounding morality and the nature of patriotism envelop the issue of conscientious objectors; this discussion is sure to be an insight into these ideas as well as providing a thoughtful examination of a lost piece of recent history.

Those Who Refused: Conscientious Objectors in the First World War takes place at the Discovery Museum, Newcastle on Saturday 18th April.

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