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This probably isn’t the place to get into a rant about the shortsighted, culturally ignorant and destructive situation down in the Ouseburn right now (although you can consider it heavily implied). But instead of muttering darkly about student housing and council regulations, you now have the chance to do something constructive: Cobalt Studios in Boyd Street was transformed from a workshop into a brilliant multi-use arts and social space eighteen months ago and has already hosted everything from gigs to art exhibitions, films to club nights, storytelling events to workshops. In fact, when you read this they’ll have just played a part in the Moving Parts Newcastle Puppetry Festival, so it’s far from just another club space. But the venue has hit a significant hurdle: a noise complaint has led to some licensing issues that can only be resolved by soundproofing the venue (and hiring an expensive licensing lawyer) and that stuff costs.

So Cobalt are asking for our help by setting up a crowdfunding campaign to raise the £9,000 needed to keep the venue alive (any extra will go on further Improvements).

As you’d expect there’s some excellent rewards, from a £10 lifetime membership (advance notice on tickets etc) right up a cool £2,000 to host your own private party (with DJs, staff, the works). And not only would you be getting something worthwhile, you’ll also be helping save an important new fixture on the Newcastle cultural scene AND doing a little to help stem the area’s potential slide into zombie urbanism (look it up, it’s depressing and you don’t want it to happen). The campaign closes on April 19th. You know what to do.

You can help the Cobalt Studios crowdfunder here.

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