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You could say that this year has been stellar for sonically evolving rock outfit Clippah.  Playing to a packed house at Lindisfarne Festival surely is the highlight, where they loudly churned out anthemic combinations of blues, grit, and groove.   Formed in 2014, the band consists of friends from school discovering music together in Morpeth. 

Clippah’s influences come from far and wide.  They have a strong love of 90s grunge riffs and melodies that are often combined with rambunctious funk bass lines and rip-roaring vocals.  These local lads have strong links to Northumberland’s pub boogie scene of the 80s, so they tip their hats (wearing Hawaiian shirts) to their local heroes whenever possible.

The band released the hottest band T-shirt around this summer with their Jaws inspired design, and another seasonal highlight comes in the form of a video and cover of Tom Waits’ Dirt in the Ground for Halloween. Shot in a North East allotment, the footage is moody and autumnal with themes of rust, changing weather and new life sprinkled throughout.  However, the voice of vocalist Alex Ayre transports you straight to New Orleans.

“The song is centred on the acceptance of mortality and appears to come from a dark place.” Says Alex. “Many will read the choice of cover song and video as rather bleak, but I actually take a positive and powerful message from the song: once you accept your inevitable demise and decay, you can start seeing everyone clearer as equal beings.”

The band head into the studio at the start of 2020, for now check out their House Fire EP through Spotify and Apple Music or see them live at Anarchy Brew Co in Heaton for a big Christmas bash on Saturday 14th December.


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