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One of the Laing’s original Edwardian galleries is being totally transformed by Newcastle-based artist Rosie Morris in her first solo exhibition in a UK public institution. Circles Are Slices Of Spheres is an ambitious architectural installation which addresses levels of spatial existence. There’s a dialogue between the ‘object’ and the ‘dwelling space’ being explored here; the object that holds the story is a monumental painting enveloping the viewer in a vast expanse of subtle colours and illusionistic shadows, with the dwelling space the gallery itself.

Rosie explains: “I am interested in how we experience architectural spaces, particularly those that act as monuments for time. For each space, its specific context is integral to informing my work; so here working with a gallery is key. Not only do I want to harmonise and accentuate the fantastic Edwardian Architecture in the Laing Art Gallery, but I also want to look at its nature as a meditative space for viewing art. To me, the gallery acts as a contained and elevated platform. I want to emphasise this sense of being separated from the City outside and play on the behaviours we associate with this experience.”

The spatial acoustics are accentuated by a sound commission by Blank Studios’ producer Sam Grant, evoking a feeling of focus and separation, challenging the ideas of the sublime and hushed atmosphere associated with viewing art.

Circles Are Slices of Spheres is at Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle from Saturday 1st October until Sunday 8th January.

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