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SA Performing Arts Centre as part of their final year showcase tackle one of Enda Walsh’s lesser known plays – Chatroom, under the guidance and direction of Alphabetti Theatre’s artistic director Ali Pritchard. The play is set for Alphabetti Theatre in Newcastle from Tuesday 26th to Saturday 30th March.

It’s 2004 and six teenage characters communicate only via the internet. Conversations range in subject from Britney Spears to Willy Wonka to — suicide. From this chilling premise is forged a funny, compelling and uplifting play that tackles the issues of teenage life head-on and with great understanding. This show is perfect for young people and families, a topic so relevant like social media and the dangers that it beholds is a subject that everyone in society can relate to.

We get a glimpse into a chatroom here, to see what it’s all about.

Newcastle’s Bloody Opinionated Chatroom

Eva: Guys, did you hear about the whole Jordan Woods cheating scandal?!

Jack: What?

Jim: Who?

Laura: Oh God…

Emily: Eh?

William: I’m sick of seeing them all over my news feed, who cares about the Kardashians? What do they do? I’m sick of them creating drama for no reason, creating FAKE drama for no reason at all apart from publicity. Why not show news that is actually real news! Who wants to hear about what goes on between a talentless sap of a family. Think of the bigger picture of society wake up people!! They are multi-millionaires because people watch their shitty life, and care about their shitty problems. What about our problems? What about us? I wish someone would pay me a million quid to cry on camera because my girlfriend doesn’t love me. Fuck off, let’s find something better to talk about for God’s sake.

Eva left the chat

Jack left the chat

Jim left the chat

Laura left the chat

Emily: Oh… looks like everyone is busy, what do you want to talk about William?

William: Never mind, I have to go anyways, I have this play to go to with my parents

William left the chat

Emily: Bye then

Chatroom is at Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle from Tuesday 26th to Saturday 30th March.

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