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Your influences are The Strokes, Billy Bragg, The Clash and Elvis Costello. But then again, you also really, really have a fondness for the classic rap of Biggie Smalls and Tupac (this sounds vaguely similar to my own life story). How do you reconcile these two things? Simple. You smash it all in together into a big ball of bliss that you decide to call “indie scruff rock.” At least, that’s what Champagne Charlies have decided to do with their dirty take on rock and hip hop, with some epic funk basslines Stevie Wonder and Nile Rodgers would be proud of (as if you didn’t need more convincing…) After playing a variety of support slots around the region in recent month, they’re finally topping the bill at Beyond the Wall’s latest showcase event at the Head of Steam.

Joining them on the night are increasingly popular alt.rock band Hunting Game, whose powerful choruses and super-tight guitar melodies have pricked up many ears in the past few months (basically, see them here before they get Quite Big). Bringing some Interpol-esque doom rock to the venue are Casual Threats, who combine the little flourishes and salvos of the New York indie giants with a good old heap of post punk aggression. Mongeese round off the bill with their brand of math rock that’s tighter than a pair of ill-fitting drainpipe jeans (not at all uncomfortable though. Actually quite snug and effortlessly cool).

Champagne Charlies, Hunting Game, Casual Threats and Mongeese all play at the Head of Steam, Newcastle on Sunday 10th May.

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