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Image: Toy, image by Colin Davison

The Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art in Sunderland is currently home to the monumental new work of Chad McCail, whose exhibition Toy opened in February and is now available to view online.

Chad spent three years creating an enormous three dimensional surreal cityscape from humble everyday materials. This detailed gallery-scaled installation features many recognisable everyday institutions such as hospitals, schools and factories but this is no architectural model. Raging above the buildings are gigantic mythical creatures, fighting to take control of the city’s resources and its soul. These figures are the colossi of capital, the 1% to whom the world is a plaything, yet they are facing armies of the city’s residents who unite to fight, alongside a snake that Chad states symbolises their desire for freedom.

McCail has provided an online audio guide for NGCA alongside several images of his work, which allow you to follow him through each section of the exhibition as he discusses his inspirations and ideology, making for an incredibly immersive and engrossing exhibition.

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