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Over the last few years, I have been ‘in the know’ about Café Culture’s lectures, and I can tell you that they’re one of the most interesting events you will attend in the city. The monthly events take place at Newcastle’s Dance City, and aim to informally educate, divide or bring together, provoke thoughts and create debate among all who attend the talks or listen to their podcasts; this is the catalyst for opening up hearts and minds.

One of the perks of attending Café Culture is that you can use your newfound knowledge to spark titillating conversation down your local – one of my favourite facts being that the first recorded English vampire was from Bedlington. Amazing!

Coming up in December are discussions based around the Philosophy of Good Taste (Monday 7th December) which explores how we perceive ‘taste’ through a more complex range of senses than just our mouth; in 2016 there are talks on big questions such as Art & The Moral Imagination (Monday 18th January); What Is The Sky? (Monday 7th March) and The Power to Create (Monday 18th April), which looks at the possibility for all modern humans to live a purposeful and valuable life. For readers with more political interests, why not try The Politics of Hope (Monday 18th July) where contemporary commentator Owen Jones discusses overcoming injustice and the potential to create a new society run by the working class rather than the elite minority.

We highly encourage a New Year’s resolution: expand your mind with Café Culture!

Café Culture takes place every month at Dance City, Newcastle.

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