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You can admit it: whether you really wanted to or not, at least once in our life you’ve sat down in front of the telly and watched one of those property porn shows, just to see what the craic was. Whether it’s Kevin McLeod fawning over the architectural design of an impossibly impractical glass house by a pebble beach or Kirstie and Phil bickering over whether a couple with more money than sense should buy a ridiculously expensive cupboard to raise a family in, we’ve all seen one. And, whether we liked it or not, we probably felt incredibly jealous at the interiors at some point but then had the horrible realisation that those luxurious furnishing would never be ours.

In essence, that’s the basis of Brian Ord’s latest work at Newcastle Arts Centre. Impossible Interiors is rather like a well-known brand of outdoor paint, in that it presents to the audience a range of works inspired by the notion of unattainable, utopian interiors. The mostly 2D exhibition is an offshoot of Ord’s works, in which he usually creates sculptural works to present his ideas. While two of these sculptures are present at the exhibition to show off Ord’s artistic prowess, much of Impossible Interiors will be presenting collages – appropriated from a wide range of sourcesĀ – which are then digitally printed and rescaled and reworked with materials as diverse as polyester resin and oil paint to transform the objects in the collage into unattainable items.

In an age of materialism and consumerism, Impossible Interiors echoes the often unattainable nature of domestic utopia.

Brian Ord: Impossible Interiors comes to Newcastle Arts Centre from Thursday 2nd July until Satrday 25th July.

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