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Isn’t it annoying when your favourite band becomes everyone else’s favourite band? For years I laboured under the impression that Long Island’s emo-punks Brand New were my treasured little secret, until I saw them live several years ago and discovered several hundred other people were as voracious as I was. A dedicated – bordering on obsessive – fan base seems to be the norm for Brand New, and while they’ve eschewed their usual Newcastle Academy venue on their latest tour, they are returning to the North East, playing Middlesbrough’s Empire on Sunday 20th September.

A consistently superb live act, it’s the vim and vigour with which frontman Jesse Lacey throws into his performance that the audience lap up. Able to harness a heavy post-hardcore sound full of melodic noir, to definitively put them in any musical category would do them a disservice. Their live shows act as an almost greatest hits showcase, offering moments of aching beauty, such as fan favourite Sic Transit Gloria…Glory Fades from 2003’s seminal Deja Entendu alongside the epic shout-along fury of You Won’t Know and the quiet/loud dynamics of Sink from their latest album, 2009’s Daisy. Having recently released Mene online, a tantalising tease of catchy punk, it seems new material is also in the pipeline, making Middlesbrough’s gig even more of a must-see for their rabid fans.

Brand New play Middlesbrough Empire on Sunday 20th September.

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