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Three years removed from their last album, the mesmerising We Are, We Were And We Will Have Been, Newcastle’s own drone metal colossus BONG (caps lock very much earned) return with their long awaited new release Thought And Existence, released on 4th May via Ritual Productions.

While the trio have kept more than busy on a whole host of different projects – guitarist Mike Vest can be found in acts including Blown Out, Melting Hand and his solo project Lush Worker, bassist and vocalist David Terry recently released the astonishing, harrowing Sorrow via Opal Tapes, whilst drummer Mike Smith can be found behind the kit for fuzzy power-pop favourites Slurs – BONG’s return to recording duty remains a momentous event.

Taking the form of two side-long compositions, Thought And Existence might just be the strongest recorded demonstration yet of BONG’s formidable use of repetition and hypnotic volume. Opened by David Terry’s solemn intonations, The Golden Fields is almost ur-BONG: shifting so slowly and gradually you barely realise just how far the piece has shifted until you re-emerge from the trance. On the other side, the Jorge Luis Borges-influenced Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius is a more upbeat and drivingly rhythmic piece that still retains the band’s oblique, magma-like force. Look beyond the band name, and you’ll find some seriously smart and transcendent work here.


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