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Humour me for a moment: put down this magazine, walk over to the person nearest to you, and try and tell them what the colour purple looks like without using the word ‘purple’. Bloody hard, isn’t it? This is akin to trying to do justice to BodyVice’s live show with words alone.

The new project from Natalie Sharp, aka The Lone Taxidermist, aka the Queen of New Weird Britain, has to be experienced to be fathomed. Employing lactose noise, industrial spandex, technicolour make-up, raw costume, set design, musically interactive sculpture and projections, the artist aims to establish interfaces between the human body and technology in the hope of creating new sensory zones between performer and audience.

A meditation on how to convey chronic pain through a variety of mediums – and sound art in particular – it delves and swirls into fascinatingly bizarre corners of the human psyche, posing questions and untangling knots as it goes. It’s a visceral, touching, odd show, and it has to be seen.

Performing at Newcastle’s Cobalt Studios on Friday 21st February, BodyVice will be joined by electronic musical drag duo Shirley Mann and Leroy McSex, as well as Katie Oswell, who brings improvisation together with an exquisite soprano voice, her zither, plus the use of electronics and found artefacts.

BodyVice, Shirley Mann & Leroy McSex and Katie Oswell play Cobalt Studios, Newcastle on Friday 21st February


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