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Image by Derek Bremner

Coming off a US tour supporting Amyl & The Sniffers, there has been no better time to see the explosive and dynamic Bob Vylan.

Unapologetically political, the duo crank the volume up, combining the growling, enraged voice of England’s youth with the barbaric bars and explosive choruses of an early Rage Against The Machine. Holding more in common with Rage than just a politically outraged band that merges hip-hop with guitars, the duo ramp up the humour, energy and hysteria, with personality dripping off their accelerating rhythms, honest lyrics and combative hooks. Having gained an impressive reputation for their ability to translate their studio energy perfectly to the live experience, their gig at Newcastle University Students’ Union on Friday 11th November will be explosive to say the least

2022 album The Price Of Life saw them gaining considerable acclaim for their honest approach to laying bare the challenges of modern life, and their heartfelt truths resonate with an audience who know all too well the realities of being downtrodden, misrepresented and disenfranchised. Arguably, in light of today’s political, economical and environmental tumult, there has never been a more apt time for the heart of punk to make an honest comeback, and no act is doing it with more authenticity than Bob Vylan. 

Bob Vylan play Newcastle University Students’ Union on Friday 11th November.


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