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Image: Blown Out by Stephan Vercaemer

Imagination, eclecticism and confounding expectations form the heart of the Endless Window mantra, and with a typically audacious January bill it seems 2018 is only set to up the ante further.

As tempting as it is to describe this month’s edition, which takes place at The Cumberland Arms on Friday 12th January, as unmissable, the truth is that anyone within a mile-or-so radius of The Cumberland Arms may have little choice in the matter – not least with the thunderous Blown Out headlining. Comprised of local metal heavyweights Mike Vest, Michael Hedley and Matthew Baty, the trio stoke up a truly mighty sonic maelstrom; an eardrum-busting psychedelic soup sure to shake both the venue and its audience to the core.

Stirring up their own malevolent racked will be Blóm, who’re already staking a claim among the region’s most exciting (and unhinged) newcomers. Featuring two-thirds of the much-missed Tough Tits, this fresh outfit offer a fearsome and raw punk assault – “pua radge shit,” to use their own terminology.

Before your hearing takes a beating, you can at least rest assured it’ll be soothed by the mysterious fresh sounds of Mother Night. Having recently relocated from Scotland’s Outer Hebrides, this adopted Geordie looks a fine addition to our music scene, and will be debuting his delightful pagan pop before the night’s early birds. Come down early, stay out late; with the Endless Window DJ spinning tunes into the early hours, this monthly musical crusade remains a dairy essential.

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