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There’s nothing worse than a horrible man who makes a lot of money; just ask any Newcastle United fan…Yoichi Sai must have thought the same thing, because this film covers the rise of despicable Korean businessman Kim Shun-Pei after moving from Cheju Island (in South Korea) to Osaka in 1923.  Building his seafood empire, Shun-Pei develops his greedy outlook, becoming ever more violent and exploitative.

His poor workers suffer, but have it easy in comparison with his wife and family, who endure his complete disregard for them and selfish womanising.  His greed escalates as he closes the factory and becomes a bitter loan shark.  Ending up back across the Sea of Japan he never repeals his hateful disposition.

This is based on the semi-autobiographical novel Chi to Hone by the ethnically Korean, Japanese author Yan Sorigu, lending it an edge of truthfulness.  Nominated for 12 Japanese academy awards (and winning 4), Blood and Bones has Takeshi Kitano (Zatoichi, Kikujiro, Takeshi’s Castle) in the lead role. Kitano is one of Japan’s leading actors of the modern era, and he reprises his darker side in this film.  Tartan video are famed for their evil and sadistic releases, and this is no exception.

Blood and Bones screens at the Tyneside Cinema on Sunday 22nd March.

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