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When bands use words like ‘high octane’ to describe their sound, you may expect a sped-up mess of riffs and growly vocals. Not so with Black Nevada, whose alt. rock explosive energy doesn’t come at the expense of songwriting. With their latest EP, Fragments, the band demonstrate a release that’s confident, assured and highly addictive.

Setting their stall out from the off, Not Your Enemy is full of ferocious riffs and a nagging guitar line which underpins a percussive assault courtesy of Sarah Davies’ pretty awesome stick skills; Run This Town is a rollercoaster of a track, perfectly demonstrating their adeptness at the quiet/loud/quiet approach; the shouted opening of Broken, with its rhythmic breakdown is a particular highlight. The bouncing rhythm of Behind These Walls is relentless and exhausting, with an all-out bombardment of instrumentation which manages to contain enough space to let Jordan Bailey’s vocals really shine through.

Black Nevada’s alt. rock songs are full of pathos and passion, catchy and heavy enough to be satisfying, but with enough of an emotional punch to ensure they stick in your head. The subtle nuances – whether it’s a ticking cymbal, an echoed vocal, an evocative melody, or a nice vocal harmony – ensure there’s something new to hear on each repeated listen.

With a couple of releases already under their belt and a headline show at Newcastle’s O2 Academy on Saturday 30th July, it’s clear that Fragments has really taken Black Nevada up a gear. A band on target for big things this year, we’re certain.


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