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Image by Gobinder Jhitta

Ahead of the release of their third studio album, West Yorkshire’s finest purveyors of desert rock Black Moth head to The Cluny 2 on Monday 12th February to flood the Ouseburn with waves of bluesy, stoner riffage.

Their latest single Moonbow combines wide-eyed wonder with sludgy, metallic heft and the album,

Anatomical Venus (out this month), promises to take a conceptual step forward from their previous releases. The central theme is inspired by lead singer Harriet Hyde’s discovery of 18th century wax models of the female form employed by male surgeons to learn their craft. It’s fair to say, it’s not going to be a record of party bangers but it is likely to be intelligent, contemplative, and heavy as fuck.

As Hyde says herself: “The Anatomical Venus spoke volumes to me. She embodies the male gaze, a history of men dissecting women in an attempt to understand her, reveal her magic, snuff out her unruly flame, while all the time needing her to be beautiful and aesthetically pleasing to their taste.” And, let’s face it, any time someone sticks a fist into the face of the patriarchy, is a good thing. When it’s enveloped in a dark and heady swirl of garage rock, mind-blowing psychedelia and amplified over-drive it’s even better.


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